Task 6: Digital, viral and guerrilla

Idea 1: Slip and Slide

Figure1: Slip and Slide in Dallas (Source: Wilonsky 2015)

The first idea is a one-weekend-long event with long inflated water slide in the centre of London. An objective of guerrilla marketing is to generate as much buzz as possible with a relatively small budget (Hutter and Hoffmann 2011), which such Slip’N Slide events placed at unusual places have created recently. The new product is Mountain Dew Water, thus the idea of a water slide fits the product concept; moreover, Mountain Dew, as a company which stands for fun, exhilaration and energy (Davis 2016) also fits this fun and action concept. A long slide symbolizes the long-lasting energy promise (the core message); the Mountain Dew Water logo and the campaign slogan “Looong-lasting energy to Dew Mooore” would be placed on banners around the slide, as well as, printed on the slide itself. On the slide are placed plastic lemons which would be effective but also the lemons would symbolize the taste of the product (the USP).


Whole event would be recorded and the video uploaded on YouTube and MTN DEW´s social media in order to go viral and generate online buzz. A similar event was organized in the streets of San Francisco by a cereal company Bear Naked (Gianatasio 2014). The Bear Naked’s video went viral and generated enormous buzz of more than 600,000 views in the first days on YouTube; currently, the video has almost 6 million views on YouTube.


These guerrilla events have also potential to generate, beside its online buzz, enormous offline buzz. In the same year, a similar event was organized in the streets of Bristol by a local artist. Despite the fact that only 360 people were randomly selected and allowed to participate, the level of buzz the event generated among the locals is illustrated by the number of people who applied for the event – 96,000 (Kiefaber 2014). London as the capital and city with the biggest population is likely to have potential to generate enormous buzz; moreover, a few initiatives to arrange such event has been online (Fun London 2014).


 Idea 2: Mobile Phone Charger

guerrilla 2

An idea of a 1 metre tall MTN DEW WTR bottle sculptures which provide an opportunity to charge your laptop or mobile phone in the streets would support the core message of long-lasting energy (Hess 2011). Such sculpture, as pieces of art, is very likely to catch attention of the people walking by, moreover, people would also appreciate the opportunity to charge their smartphones or laptops in the streets.

Figure 2: Bus Station Ads Let You Charge Mobile Phone Devices (Source: Hess 2011)




Idea 3: Art Sculpture

guerrilla 3

The last idea is a “giant arm doing basketball trick with MTN DEW WTR bottle” sculpture, which is based on the TV ad with LeBron James spinning a ball and then Mtn Dew Wtr bottle on his index finger. In comparison to the previous sculpture, this one has an electric engine inside which spins the bottle on the finger (like a basketball trick). Such piece of street art is likely to catch attention of the pedestrians walking by, who might want to take pictures of it and share them on social websites. Nike did a successful, very similar guerrilla campaign with giant football balls installed in a city centre (Lum 2010).


18 Of The Most Memorable Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns Guerrilla Marketing Photo
Figure 3: Crashed Nike Ball Guerilla Marketing (Source: Lum 2010)


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